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Who are We?

Our Mission:

The Randhawa Foundation invests in individuals, institutions, and infrastructures that seek to improve communities across Washington and Punjab with the tools and skills necessary for educational excellence and public health.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where the communities we partner with throughout Washington and Punjab are working diligently towards providing innovative pathways for health and education.

Our Core Values:


We encourage strategic collaboration to bring out the best solutions to strengthen our communities.

Positive Change

We aim to see progressive results in our communities by  working with our trusted partners.


We believe continual learning is essential for adaptation, innovation, resilience, and relevance.

Hands Up

Success Starts with a Strong Foundation

About the Randhawa Family

       Amrik and Jasvinder Randhawa immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s from a small village–Nauli located in Punjab, India, with the aspiration of providing their family with a future filled with stability, security, and opportunity. Amrik started his expedition in California, working labor jobs such as pruning grapes and driving trucks for small family-owned businesses. During this time, he realized the benefits a family-owned business can have on a family and the business itself. In addition, he saw that successful family businesses were central to honesty, integrity, and respect within the company. Wanting to provide this opportunity to his own family, Amrik, Jasvinder, and their three children moved to Seattle. In 2002, Amrik and Jasvinder started a small pallet company- A1 pallets, consisting of three employees, including himself. Since then, the small company has grown into a successful business with 125 employees, including himself, his wife, and three children. 

       From the success of their family business, the Randhawa Foundation was launched in 2016 with a desire to give back to communities like their own in Punjab, India. The initial focus of the Randhawa Foundation was to work directly with people in rural villages to enable children, farmers, and families to improve their lives through health and education. The foundation was successful in its initial years by repairing stress, building infrastructure, and awarding scholarships and electricity to underprivileged families in India. 

       In 2022, the Randhawa Family decided to expand the foundation's outreach to serve the same community that was pivotal in the success of its personal and professional ventures, Washington State. Currently, the foundation is guided by the intention to eliminate financial barriers for organizations and individuals providing educational and public health opportunities to those in Washington State and Punjab.

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